Winter hiking in Hof

Winter magic & snow crystals

There are numerous opportunities for those who love hiking to walk through the snowy landscape.

Theresienstein, Blick auf die Stadt

Postcard views at every step: park Theresienstein offers some of the most amazing natural terrain in the city. On cleared and groomed paths, hikers stroll through a fairy-tale landscape.

While a walk under the big trees there is so much to be discoverd and seen, so much fresh air to breathe in, making each step filled with enjoyment - andafter that the inns and cafés provide wonderful possibilities for warming-up and recharging.


A completely different world is the lake Untreusee in the winter. Innumerable snow crystals are sparkling and you can enjoy the sun.



The beautifully designed and cleared circular walk makes you want to stroll around. The path brings you around the lake without much of an ascent. The short way (4.4 km/2.7 miles) is via a bridge in the southwest right through the wonderful biotope. The longer path (6.6 km/4.1 miles) goes around this nesting place for birds.




Winter activities in the Spruce Mountains

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Winter acitvities in the Frankonian Wood

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Winter activities in the Vogtland

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Winter activities in Bohemia/Czech Republic