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A changing economic structure

The economnic structure of Hof with its 45,000 citizens has changed considerably in recent years. Today, Hof is a modern and dynamic business location with a high share in the service sector and developing new industries. About 22,800 of its citizens are employees that are subject to social insurance contribution. 27.2% of employees work in the production industry, 27% in sales und transport and 45.5% in other service sectors.

The production sector comprising 41 companies in Hof is medium-sized in structure and still is an important basis for Hof’s economy. Over 80% of the businesses employ up to 100 members of staff. The total turnover amounts to € 560 million, the export share to 30%, the turnover per employee to € 142,000.

Considering the sectors, the textile industry is still represented strongly. It puts forth top products manufactured in ultra-modern plants with high use of technology. The field of technical textiles, in particular, has become an important branch of production. Especially the innovative enterprises in Hof’s fields of expertise contribute to the diversification of production structure.

Cooling units, underwater pumps, automotive parts, treatment plant equipment and even spezialized steel and light metal components are manufactured in state-of-the-art production processes in Hof. Some of the companies are even world market leaders in their fields.

The increasing number of employees in the service industry show the importance of Hof as a school, leisure and cultural center. The business-related services also grow constantly.

Strong retail location

In the field of retail, Hof as a central shopping destination supplies a big region which comprises even southern Saxony and southern Thuringia with a purchasing volume of about € 1 billlion and about 200,000 inhabitants. Hof is an important retail site in North-East Bavaria and a high centrality with a turnover of around € 440 million and approximately 540 retail stores (187,000 m² sales area). For years, Hof has been honored for its shopping-friendliness over 70 inspected medium-sized and large cities. Hof has one of the highest centrality ratings (182) nationwide.

Innenstadt Hof

Logistics Strength

In Hof, the area of business-related services, in particular, records strong growth. The infrastructural-logistical beneficial site of Hof causes a plurality of investments and company establishments in the fields of transport, logistics, distribution and wholesale which, from Hof, supplies South and Central Germany and Eastern Europe in particular. Numerous competent and high-performance logistics companies are available as partners. In the last years, Hof has become the logistics site of northern Bavaria. Call centers and back offices also record a significant growth in employee numbers.

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