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We´d like to invite you on a virtual tour of our beautiful town and are happy to briefly present to you all the sights and must-sees on the following pages. We are very sorry that we can offer you some information only in German up to now. 

Of course, we would love to answer all of your questions regarding your planning a visit in Hof in person if you choose to come by.

"Hof – top of Bavaria" what people from Hof like to say about their hometown. It doesn´t matter if you’re looking for Hof on a map, talking about the topographic height or speaking metaphorically – the result stays the same.

But don´t be fooled by the romantic Biedermeier facades: today these historic settings are venues for exciting sporting and cultural events or for a relaxing day of shopping as well as delightful hours with delicacies that are typical for Hof.


This town is well known for the Hof International Film Festival, the Hof Theater and the Hof Symphony Orchestra. However, the Theresienstein, a romantic and dreamy park and one of the most beautiful ones in Germany, has also established an international reputation.

From here on it’s only a few steps to the vivid town center with its many shops and department stores. It is situated on a hill near the Saale, the river in Hof, and attracts visitors as well as locals to shop and enjoy: Hof is well known for producing the best kinds of sausages, which you can bring, together with freshly baked bread, as provisions on a trip.


In the pleasant town center are our very own Wärschtlamo, they are special sausage vendors that you can only find here. You can recognize them by their brass kettle and their sharp and helpful way. A visit to a Wärschtlamo is a must with every stopover in the town.

In the south of the town lies the magnificently blue Untreusee, a piece of heaven for all nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

A huge center of attraction, besides the climbing center and the Labyrinth, is the beer garden directly at the bank.


Cyclists who use the nearby Saale-cycle track like to go on a little detour via the lake. Many people enjoy a stop in Hof, drive up to the source of the Saale and go on cycling the next day, well rested – after having spent the night and having eaten a delicious dinner – towards their destination.

Every season has its own appeal. No matter if you’re just passing through, want to stay in Hof or planning a tour of the region to see the magnificent scenery with its lakes and low mountain ranges in the surrounding area:

You will have a relaxing trip.

We hope you’ll have a lot of fun discovering and enjoying our town.

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Where is Hof?

  <p>Hier liegt Hof! </p> 

Getting there

Hof-Pirk (sports- and businessmachines), Nürnberg
and Leipzig
Hof Hbf (Main station)
A 72 from Dresden: Hof-Töpen
A 9 from Berlin: Berg-Bad Steben
A 9 from München:Hof-West
A 93 from Regensburg: Hof-Süd
A 93 from Dreieck Hochfranken: Hof-Ost

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Numbers, Data, Facts

North latitude: 50°, 18', 54,82''
East longitude: 11°, 55', 0,71''
Inhabitants: 45.000
Altitude: 540 m

Hof is situated in Northern Bavaria - 'in Bayern ganz oben' - and belongs to the county Upper Franconia.