Ogden (Utah, USA)

Twin town relationships Hof - Ogden

Ogden is situated in the state of Utah and it is a paradise for hikers, adventurers, outdoor sports enthusiasts and hunters with its beautiful location between a huge salt lake and the Wasatch Range. Everyone seems to do a lot of sports. This magnificent city that is only an hour away from the Olympic Games host city Salt Lake City was Hof’s first twin town – and has been since 1954. Since then this city that has been greatly influenced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) and has been connected with a superlative: it is part of the first German-American town twinning ever.

History tells us that this town, which was founded in the late 19th century, was the spot where the tracks of the American railway met in the west. Today the “Union Station”, the historic railway station and the exhibited railcars still ooze a sense of how life was at the time of the American settlement. Directly adjoining is the “25th street” which now is home to many bars, cafés and small shops.

The Union station is a symbol for the development of the Midwest.

In the history of the “Wild West” Ogden too played a significant role: John Browning, the man that developed various revolvers and handguns, worked here. The probably most popular person from Ogden obtained 128 patent rights for his weaponry. His father Jonathan Browning had already had a gun store in Ogden. He was one of the thousands of Mormon pioneers who fled to the salt lake valley in Utah from Illinois in 1846/47 to save their lives.

25th street in Ogden – the bar, business and restaurant center.

Today Ogden is, among other things, the global center of the skiing and outdoor sports industry. Several famous skiing equipment producers have their headquarters here – no wonder as the nearby area offers best conditions for skiers and designers with the Olympic Games location Park City and Snowbasin (Olympic Games 2002).

Surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake, Ogden provides a beautiful environment.

Admittedly, this relationship between Hof and Ogden didn’t only have ups during all those years. There were times when there were hardly any exchanges. Just a few individuals from Hof, at most, took a trip to the Hofer twin town with its 70 000 citizens when they were on vacation in the west of the US. However, there always was the awareness in people that the two towns were twinned.

View of Ogden – the Great Salt Lake can be vaguely discerned on the horizon.

Nevertheless, there was a renaissance of the relationship in the last couple of years, maybe the favorable dollar price helped. Among all the activities one has to be stressed: Ogden has been celebrating the “Hof Winter Fest” every January for years. This is a German influenced fair with many parallels to the world famous Oktoberfest in Munich. The focus, however, is still the relationship with Hof and includes Franconian-Bavarian music, Hofer delicatessen and much more. Our American friends like to come up with something new from now and then to make the event a success. It doesn’t matter if you ask the Hofer men’s choir, the lecturers and student of the Bavarian technical college for public service and judicature, the accordion orchestra of the music school of the Hofer Symphoniker, the soccer youth of the FC Bayern Hof or students of the University of Applied Sciences, everyone will be full of high praise for the hospitality of the citizens of Ogden.


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