The German-German Museum Mödlareuth

“Little Berlin” in Bavaria

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 meant for Mödlareuth that neighborly and sometimes even family relationships with people behind the Wall could be restarted. The history of this village and its residents, the border posts and the Wall were made an open-air museum that makes recent German history accessible.

 If you follow the course of the Saale from Hof on you will very soon be lead to the former Iron Curtain. Even today visitors stand before the former border fortification; shocked by an inhuman system. The German-German museum in Mödlareuth with its authentic constructions is well worth a long stay.

The village of Mödlareuth is a curiosity – one half is Bavarian, the other Thuringian. The Americans called this 50 residents village north of Hof “Little Berlin”; it became a symbol for the division of Germany like its big brother Berlin.

Impenetrable border posts and even a wall divided the two parts of the village from the 1950s on until the peaceful revolution. It wasn’t until 1989 that a border crossing-point for pedestrians was created.

The partial demolition of the wall on 17th June 1990 was the hour of birth for the German-German museum in Mödlareuth that reminds us of the division of Germany.

At this historic site, that is important for the history of the division of Germany, original parts of the 700m long concrete wall, the metal fence as well as the observation towers still remain. Today’s memorial has an open-air exhibition ground, an exhibition area, museum educational rooms as well as a museal infrastructure with a media archive, an archive, a Context.Scope.Library and depots and is active in all the fields of traditional museum work.

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