Randonnées (seulement anglais)

Great escapes for walker! Lace up your boots...

Our waymarked routes offer inspirational walking.Take a walk around Hof and you’ll find superb scenery is the constant of our walking regions, whether forests, mountains, valleys or hills.

Hof ist the gateway to four low mountain-ranges, who invites you to evocative walks: Fichtelgebirge, Franconian forest, Vogtland and South Thuringia.

Inspitational scenery is around every bend and you’ll discover well-marked trails for walking holidays, for shorter routes or only for an afternoon stroll.

No matter where you’re walking, you’ll discover the same beauty that inspired Jean Paul to write more than two hundred and fifty years ago: "I can't remember that I caught only a single idea in a room, but only in the open air."

We are sorry that all of the following descriptions are still in German language.

Hiking together is more fun! 
Ask for guided tours.

History Trails across Hof (1,8 - 3,1 mi)

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"All around Hof"
(2,7 - 26,27 mi)


(7,4 - 124,3 mi)


Weavers pathway from Döbra to Hof (11,8 mi)


Weavers pathway from Helmbrechts to Hof
(13 mi)

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Sea Route
(43,5 - 55,3 mi)

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Way of St. James
(1813,7 / 1864 mi)


Trail of the German Unity (671 mi)

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Hiking Fichtelgebirge

Hiking Frankonian Forest

Hiking Vogtland

Hiking South Thuringia



Hiking West Bohemia