To taste: Iron Curtain Trail (17,8 / 14,5 mi)

Tracks through a memorial landscape

For almost half a century, Europe was forcibly divided into East and West by the "Iron Curtain", a border stretching from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. The European cycle track ”Iron Curtain Trail” invites people to retrace and experience this important part of the continent's history.
Around Hof exists a special frequency of observation towers, border posts and even a remnant of the concrete wall. There are still many traces of that split, but also the people, who have to live with this division, are part of this impression.

You`ll gain an appreciation of German history on two circular tours, who are easily accessible from Hof.

Northern loop (17,8 mi)
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Southern loop (14,5 mi)
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The signage of the Bavarian part of the route will be done in 2016.

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