Zoological Garden

A tortoise with a famous godparent...

... and lynxes called Erwin and Günther – zoo inhabitants with political ambitions? Secretary of the Interior Dr. Friedrich is the godfather of the tortoise ‘Friedrich’ and the two lynxes are also named after politicians. All of them live in the Hofer zoo among many other animals.

The Hofer zoo is located in the large Theresienstein, the green oasis of the town. In this magnificent green space visitors are introduced to hundreds of animal species from all over the world in a modern way. Many of the enclosures are built accessible according to the motto “discovering very closely” so that direct contact with the animals is possible.

Right behind the entrance, visitors are welcomed by Australian Bennette’s wallabies. From a path leading right through their preserve you can watch the kangaroos eat or relax up close.

The inhabitants of the zoo are very heterogeneous: Asian gibbons, South American capuchins and coatis, North American raccoons, European lynxes, African meerkats and dwarf mongooses, Egyptian flying foxes and numerous other species live in the lovingly designed habitats. You can watch Australian parakeets and other bird species very closely in the huge accessible aviary. You can also directly pass snowy owls in their aviary. Colorful macaws and Eclectus parrots sometimes like to chat with the visitors.

The tropic house accommodates exotic snakes, lizards, poison frogs, caimans, tropic fish and tortoises. A group of cotton-top tamarins, green iguanas, and birds move around freely over the visitors’ heads.

A large petting zoo containing different breeds of dogs allows people to pet, feed and goggle. Here you are in direct contact with pygmy goats, sheep, ponies, teacup pigs, rabbits, geese, ducks, pigeons and chickens. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals in the petting zoo with fodder from the automatic feeder.


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Zoologischer Garten Hof
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95028 Hof

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Entry Times

Daylight saving time 9.00 - 18.00
Wintertime 9.00 - 16.00

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