Location, transport infrastructure

In the heart of Europe and well connected


The independent town of Hof is a major regional center in the administrative district of Upper Franconia in the northern part of the Free State of Bavaria and is part of the region High Franconia as part of a regional marketing campaign.

The geographic location of Hof in particular is a significant advantage for investments. Hof is a member of the Central European market and also situated nearby the new developing Eastern European markets: thus an ideal starting point for handling expanding markets. From Hof not only South and Central Germany but also the Czech Republic and Poland can be reached quickly. Hof almost exactly lies midway between Frankfurt and Prague, Munich and Berlin.

This excellent geographic location gains even more importance considering its outstanding transport infrastructure:

Hof is a motorway interchange

Motorways meet in Hof
A9 Munich-Nuremberg–Hof–Leipzig–Berlin
A93 Hof–Regensburg–Austria
A72 Hof–Dresden–Poland

These motorways connect the aforementioned sales markets with the site Hof ideally. Additionally, a well established federal highway network in all directions is available.

Hof has its own regional airport

The modern regional airport offers ideal conditions for business travelers. 

Train connection

With its main station, the city of Hof is integrated into corresponding train systems of the national rail transport. The important North-South route Nuremberg - Hof - Dresden/Leipzig - Berlin (Franconia-Saxony-Magistral) is being expanded and secures a good rail connection to the business location Hof.

Hof also has a big freight yard. At the freight yard Hof, a container terminal ensures a daily connection to the seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven. The freight yard in Hof is currently being developed into a freight center.