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Networks – and also service, naturally

One part of business is competition, the other is cooperation. When there are strong networks, there’s successful growth. The companies based in Hof and its region know that and maintain close collaboration in specialized networks. And when it comes to funding or financing, the municipal business promotional office knows all about the what and the how.

Its connections to the Free State of Bavaria, to regulatory authorities and all the relevant entities are of use to the company – regardless of the issue whether it is a new establishment, an expansion or another type or adjustment. The business promotional office considers itself a customer orientated service center and first point of contact for inquiries about business. Emphasis is put on service for the individual company. Joint projects are initiated and areas of expertise expanded. Networks between universities, research institutes and technology partners as well as actors in labor market policies are established - for and together with businesses.

The business promotional office offers assistance and support with all pending tasks in the course of an establishing and investment project – quick, competent and reliable.

Your Service Team:


 Klaus-Jochen Weidner

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+49 (0)9281 815 1300 


+49 (0)9281 815 87 1300 


 Walter Friedl

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+49 (0)9281 815 1305


+49 (0)9281 815 87 1305 


 Karin Kustner

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+49 (0)9281 815 1302 


+49 (0)9281 815 87 1302

General information on the EU-service directive (EU-DLR)

The EU-DLR was decided on occasion of a meeting between EU heads of state and government in Lissabon in 2005.

Objective of the EU-DLR is the promotion of cross-border provision of services in Europe and the easier access to the service market in all EU-member states.

You can find all the information on EU-service directives here.


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