Logistics and IT-Logistics

Location and know-how are a prerequisite

Hof is a nationally and internationally renowned competence center regarding logistics, IT and back-offices. The basis for that is created by Hof's proximity to important sales markets and its location between the Central European market and Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, the road infrastructure (motorways A 9, A 93 and A 72), the regional airport and the proximity to the Czech Republic along with many important borders. Due to this geographic-logistical location, important know-how about East-West and especially about logistics was established within companies and personnel over the years. Today, these numerous high-performance logistics and distribution centers based in Hof initiate innovative logistics chains and networks. Moreover, highly trained logistics experts are available.

Development of logistics strength - competent partners

Decade-long experience accompanies the development focused on already existing logistical abilities. Parts of this are the expansion of the Hochschule Hof (university) by introducing a new degree program in logistics and logistics congresses for expert meetings in Hof. The electrification of the freight transport line running through Hof is making good progress. The container terminal also owes its success to this key competence and it continues to be developed. Planning for this expansion as well as the construction of a freight center at the Güterbahnhof freight terminal in Hof have already begun.

In recent years, many logistics companies have invested in Hof and the region. Independent studies also confirm: Hof is among the top ten German logistics centers of the future. 

Another important element is the Logistics Competence Center Hof which has been operating for a couple of years now. The Logistik Agentur Oberfranken e.V. is a joint initiative of economy, science and public authorities; its goal is to use the excellent logistics know-how and Hof's and Upper Franconia's unique location to further develop their position as a hub of East-West and North-South.

Due to its experts and businesses, Hof already is the logistics location in northern Bavaria. At the same time, logistics is the key to future industrial production. Both fields find the ideal site to be in Hof.

GVZ: The new logistics center at the Hof main station

You can find all information regarding the freight center (GVZ) here.

Hof is a sought-after IT and back office location

Back offices are also an important part of modern logistics. Their call centers connect customers, businesses and value chains and in the classical area of back offices, important business processes are handled smoothly and are optimized. 

In recent years, Hof has - especially in this area - grown into an attractive location and built a reputation for itself in this sector.

The "near-shoring location" Hof in Bavaria is a real alternative. Reasons for that are to be found in the cost structure of back offices in Hof in particular.

Today, logistics is supported by optimized IT processes. The Hochschule Hof has vastly expanded this area within both teaching and research and to that has numerous chairs which collaborate on projects with the economy. On top of that, there is a new Institute for Information Systems IISYS.