Commercial spaces, commercial properties

Overview of all registered commercial spaces

The city of Hof offers various commercial spaces for any need.

All shown commercial spaces are optimally linked up to the supra-regional transport network and are reachable quickly. The following locations are currently available:

Commercial Property Service

The placements of appropriate retail spaces within Hof's urban core, office spaces and vacant commercial properties/industrial warehouses are an important service offer by the business promotional office of the city of Hof. Information regarding supply and demand is gathered for present companies and those which are interested in establishing a business as well as property owners. We see ourselves as a central contact point and neutral platform to help you find the optimal location in the city of Hof.

Please contact us directly, we would be glad to assist you!

Vacancy management city center:

Birgit Weiß
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 815 1304

Hall and Office spaces:

Birgit Weiß
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 815 1304

Karin Kustner
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 815 1302

Here you can find a selection of already registered commercial properties and premises on the real estate platform of the city of Hof.

Individual industrial sites

Overview of all the commercial premises available in the industrial parks in Hof via the Bavarian information portal SISBY: