Funding opportunities

Interesting funding for companies

Bavaria reaches peak values in innovation, technology, research and development. The economic climate is excellent and the setting is reliable. Hof as an economy and technology location is a part of that.

Hof is one of the few cities in Bavaria which both receives investment support by the joint scheme "improving regional economic structures" and also is an assisted area of the EU-structural funds "regional competitiveness and employment". Hof is a structural-political main focus which can be seen when considering the numerous economic projects with the Free State of Bavaria. The funding is right, the networks are in place and care is cordial and effective.

Support by the Joint Scheme (partnership)

The city of Hof has a C-funding priority with the joint scheme "improving regional economic structures". This means that investments by eligible companies are supported in case of construction (new settlement), expansions, conversion or complete rationalization of a commercial unit.

Essentially, acquisition or production costs of assets forming part of the investment project of tangible fixed assets and the acquisitions costs of non-tangible assets are subsidized as soon as they are activated. Also, wage cost related grants are possible.

The support comes in form of a grant, optionally as a loan.

The maximum aid rates are set at:

up to 30% for business premises of small companies

up to 20% for business premises of medium-sized companies

up to 10% for business premises of big companies

Hof as assisted area


The city of Hof is an assisted area as a part of the EU-EFRE fund (European Regional Development Fund) "regional competitiveness and employment".

Structural policy objective is the support of economic and social conversion of areas. The two big EU funds EFRE and ESF (European Social Fund) supply this aid. Eligible for the grant are company investments via existing Bavarian programs and projects in the field of technology transfer that are of use for businesses on-site.

Besides these extraordinary funds, a whole range of Bavarian and German development programs are available. They cover all the fields of classic investment promotion of research/development/environmentalism/export/care.

Especially the Free State's extensive research and technology programs and projects - traditionally strong in this area - make Hof interesting support wise.