General Information on the EU-service directive

Directives and points of contact

Many services such as for example tax consultants, architects, craftsmen, management consulting, advertising agencies, retail and wholesale, travel agencies, operating sports and amusement parks, construction, publishing etc are recorded in the EU-DLR.

The definition of “service” thus not only comprises the concept of “trade” under the German trade regulations but it also includes a very vast field of entrepreneurial and self-employed work. The EU lists commercial, trading, manual and freelance work in connection with this.

Most important contents of the EU-DLR are:

  • reduction of bureaucratic obstacles concerning the provision of services
  • information law, e.g. information on requirements for services, information on the procedure and formalities that are to be complied with, information on responsible authorities, professional associations and organizations, information on legal redress
  • the service provider should have the possibility of electronic application and process handling from a distance
  • the creation of “Points of Single Contact” (PSC) by which all the necessary formalities and procedures required for provision of service can be processed in order to be permitted.

Points of Single Contact (PSC)

The most important instrument for implementation of the EU-DLR is the Points of single contact PSCs. In Bavaria, the PCS were categorically located in the Chambers and, in addition, partially in the administrative districts and district-free cities (option communes). The city of Hof did not opt for it so that the PSC’s responsibility for the area remains exclusively with the below-mentioned Chambers.

The PSC’s function is to be point of contact for service providers and to obtain all the required permits necessary for the provision of the particular service. The service provider has to be informed by the PSC about all procedures and formalities for taking up and pursuing a service, that are required for the request to be accepted and to be forwarded to the responsible authority. Thus, the PSC takes over the provider’s necessary personal application on-site as well as official errands.

This service can but does not have to be utilized by the service provider; a personal appearance at the responsible authority’s office is always a choice.

A special emphasis is put on the following: if an application for provision of a service is not granted or rejected (still required for some services) within a certain period of time it is automatically deemed granted.

The Points of Single Contact responsible for you:

Bavarian Chamber of Architects

Bavarian Chamber of Engineers – Construction

Bavarian Association of Independent Veterinarians

Chamber of Crafts for Upper Franconia

Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Franconia in Bayreuth

Chamber of Lawyers for the region of the Higher Regional Court Bamberg

Responsible for the region of Hof are – depending on matters – the following PCSs:

Within the city administration Hof, the department of business development
[$=project.imageDescription(   +49 (0)9281 815 1305
provides information on the EU-DLR and forwards incoming requests and inquiries to the responsible municipal departments.

You can find more detailed regulations regarding the EU-DLR in the service portal


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