Christmas in Hof

Christmas Market 2016 in Hof:
November 21st to december 23rd

Immerse yourself into the pre-Christmas atmosphere in town with concerts, music, church services, christmas exhibitions and much more.


During Christmas time the whole pedestrian zone is a cosy meeting point for natives and visitors. Traditional hand craft products are part of the articles sold at the Christmas Market like Christmas tree decorations and candles but also fragrant gingerbread and macaroons.

When it’s cold outside, a hot mulled wine will warm you again after your stroll through the aisles of the market.

During the busy and hectic time before Christmas churches offer a place of silence and rest. There are going to be held a lot of church services and concerts as well for the Protestants as the Catholic.

A lot of christmas cribs can also be seen in the old town.

Winter activities in the Spruce Mountains

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