Vogtland / Western Ole Mountains

Worth seeing in Vogtland and western Ole Mountains

A symphony is a sonic masterpiece that only unfolds in its entire splendour when all instruments involved are in perfect harmony. If you’re travelling around the Vogtland and close your eyes, you will understand why this unique region is considered a symphony of nature. Various sounds come together to form an impressive experience for all the senses, and let visitors to the Central German Uplands region unwind amidst pristine nature.

Feel the music

The Vogtland has been known as the “Germany’s music region” since the instrument making industry experienced its heyday in the area during the 19th century. Numerous instrument builders can still be found today in the workshops; these carry on the tradition from the time when the musically experienced craftsmen based in the region were able to supply entire orchestras. Visitors are able to see this significant craft and its exceptional history up close and interactively at the “Musicon Valley”. Affiliated musical competitions, musical trips, festivals or concerts are year-round proof that music is not only loved, but also lived, here. When craftsmen test the deep, full sound of the tuba in their workshop, or a musician elicits a lively, traditional song from their accordion, the symphony of the Vogtland can be heard again!

Feel nature

No matter how impressive and loud nature is – when the wind blows in the gentle major key of spring or the rough minor key of winter – both are equally relaxing and calming for visitors. The unique, natural contrasts that characterize this region are best explored on foot along the five qualitative hiking trails, such as the Vogtland Panorama Weg® or the Höhensteig Klingenthal, by bike along the extensive network of bike paths or on skis along kilometres of cross-country ski tracks, or on the region’s numerous rivers, reservoirs and lakes. The bond to nature also thrives in the region’s cities: The Saxon State Baths Bad Brambach and Bad Elster feature 15 mineral springs, moors and salt-water spa, which are unique in the world, and invite you to feel nature’s healing strength. Municipal gems with their green centres and historic attractions, such as the lace town of Plauen and the Thuringia’s Greiz, also underline the deep connection between man and nature. These places all share a soothing quality for vacationers to enjoy.

Experience family

Probably the most beautiful sound of the Vogtland is that of laughing children – be it at Plohn recreational park, at the Pöhl reservoir or at the Ski and Bikewelt Schöneck. Whether it be hiking along the themed paths and nature trails, enjoying traditional dishes in family-friendly guest houses, or camping at one of the many lakes – the Vogtland offers adventures for all age groups. Long after your stay here, the squeals from the rollercoaster, the cheers during mini golf, the park railway’s horn and the squeaky mountain bike brakes will continue to echo in the ears of happy children, parents and grandparents.

Lots of happy sounds, traditional music and the relaxing sounds of nature… That is, quite simply, the sound of the Vogtland’s symphony of nature, where perfect harmony between man, music and nature reigns.

Bad Elster (19,3 miles)
Spa gardens

Klingenthal (32,3 miles)
Most modern ski jump in Europe "Vogtland Arena)

Markneukirchen (23,0 miles)
Museum of musical intruments

Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz (38,5 miles)
Astronutics museum

Netzschkau (32,3 miles)
Bridge Göltzschtal

Plauen (19,9 miles)
Lace museum

Dam Pöhl (29,8 miles)
Boat tours, bridge Elstertal, bridge Jocketa, bridge Syratal

Wohlhausen (24,2 miles)
Exhibition of music boxes


Genussregion Oberfranken