Tours of the town for groups

On foot or by bus - there is much to discover!

Our trained guides offer exciting strolls through the town with a variety of subjects. They are equipped with an extensive knowledge, however, they never forget to entertain.
Just come and experience one of our offered tours – that’s possible even without an appointment. For large groups we suggest booking a tour tailored to your requests topics, though.

All tours are in the German language, foreign languages are available on request. With more than 30 participants, a second guide is recommended for acoustic reasons. A registration form can be found on the right side.

Historic Walk through the Town

Vor dem Hofer Rathaus

An informative tour of the town provides guests with an insight into the history and stories of various past epochs, but also mentions the present of the town on the Saale. A mosaic made of many colorful pictures is composed and with that you get many good tips for your stay in Hof. When you are on your tour you will encounter the Wärschtlamo and of course have a chance to climb the town hall tower.

Meeting point: Town hall our your desired location in Hof
Time: About 1,5 hours
Date: Your desired date and time
Group price: 50,00 EUR; plus interpreter

Romantic park Theresienstein

“On one side, there was a beautiful motif in a scenic area,” Goethe wrote in his diary when he came to Hof in 1806. This is the starting point for the tour. In 1819 prosperous citizens of Hof – mainly from the textile industry – started to convert and design an until then bare terrain at a rocky outcrop, the Fröhlichenstein, into a park. From August 1836 on the park was renamed to Theresienstein in honor of Queen Therese of Bavaria. Today its size is about 70 hectare and it was expanded and redesign over and over in the course of time. In 1994, the Bavarian Landesgartenschau (Horticultural Show) took place in Hof which was reason to redesign the park again; this time to restore it to the original style by bringing back historic elements and converting them carefully. The line of sight that had disappeared over time was opened up again by the renovation of the park; also buried brooks and ponds were uncovered. In 2003 a jury voted the Theresienstein to be the most beautiful park of the year.

Meeting point: Your booked accomodation or Haus Theresienstein
Time: Any time you want
Duration: About 1 1/2 hours
Group price: 50,00 EUR; plus interpreter

Jean Paul in Hof (German romantic poetry)

In his time, Jean Paul was extremely successful. He is known to be the first German poet who was able to live off his writing and also, in his time, was read more often than Schiller and Goethe. In his works, he often writes about places where he worked and integrates joyful and painful experiences. He mainly describes his childhood hometown in “Das Leben des vergnügten Schulmeisterlein Maria Wutz”, “Siebenkäs”, “Flegeljahre” and “Selberlebensbeschreibung”.

Meeting point: Your booked accomodation/Musuem Bavarian Vogtland
Time: Any time you want
Duration: About 1 1/2 hours
Group price: 50,00 EUR; plus interpreter

Night Watch Tour: “Hear you men and let me tell you...”

Seeing Hof at night with a real night guard – that´s an unforgettable event for anybody! This way anybody would like to be whisked away into the past before the great fire of Hof in 1823 and listen to the stories of the Hofer night guard.

Every time the tower clock struck the hour, the night guards blew their horns as a signal and then called out the time – every hour they would sing a different song. Thus the citizens could just roll onto the other side knowing that the night guard would take care of any kind of danger. The hourly song though, was not the only task a night guard had to accomplish – but this he ought to tell you himself. Our night guard in Hof will tell you about his tasks, different incidents and special features of his occupation on the first Friday of every month. In December, however, his tour will be on New Year´s Eve which will be followed by a break in January and February. Also, if the date of his tour falls on a holiday he will be – on this day – off duty and will instead continue his tour the week after.

Meeting point: Main entrance of St. Michael’s Church
Time: Preferably in the evening
Duration: About 1 1/2 hours
Group price: 50,00 EUR; plus interpreter

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