“The scenic area on the Saale..."

...Goethe wrote impressed during a visit in 1806. The area was bound to become more beautiful in the course of the following centuries: the Theresienstein was chosen the most beautiful park in Germany in 2003.

Only a few steps away from the city center is one of the most beautiful parks in Germany, the citizens’ park Theresienstein. It’s an oasis of tranquility and nature shows its best side with all it has to offer. Many people come to see the numerous resting places and spots of luck that encourage pausing, relaxing and recharging your batteries.

In 1819 an until then bare terrain at a rocky outcrop, the Fröhlichenstein was converted and designed into a park. Today it´s a 70 hectare big recreation area and locals as well as visitors love to enjoy it – a traditional landscape garden that was expanded and redesign over and over during the course of time.

In August 1836 well-liked Queen Therese Charlotte, Ludwig I of Bavaria’s wife visited Hof. The Theresienstein was named in her honor.

The Theresienstein never was a royal park, though – it was created by the drive of the people of Hof alone. In the beginning it was rich citizens who donated money and property, today it is foundations and societies who contribute. Many parks didn’t have that as they were on castle grounds and were made accessible later on.

In the course of the Bavarian Landesgartenschau in 1994 the original style of the park was emphasized, historic elements were brought back or carefully redesigned. The line of sight that had disappeared over time was opened up again by the renovation of the park; also buried brooks and ponds were uncovered.

In 2003 a jury voted the Theresienstein the most beautiful park of the year – also because of its dreamy corners and tranquil paths that invite you on a romantic stroll.

Guided tours of the park

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From Untreusee to Theresienstein

What unites Untreusee and Theresienstein?
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