Theater Hof

The modern triple genre house with a fantastic architecture

Situated on the edge of the Altstadt, the Hofer Theater offers a versatile program with about twenty productions per season from the fields of opera, musical, operetta, drama, ballet as well as children’s and youth theater.

The Hofer Theater was reestablished as the Städtebundtheater in 1949 and was moved into the new building in 1994. The new building wasn’t only awarded prices for its architecture but assembles a perfect ensemble together with the nearby Hofer Freiheitshalle.

The stage tower of the theater’s new building rises high above the Kulmbacher Straße. And can be seen from almost everywhere in town. The monolith of the arts is 28 m (92ft.) high and forms the center of the 156 m (170 yards) wide and 76 m (83 yards) deep building. A generous glass facade that emphasizes the openness of the building surrounds the building block – the stage is under its roof. The foyer has three levels and entrances particularly with its bright and open design.

The auditoriums of the Großes Haus (567 seats) and the Studiobühne (99 seats) offer comfortable space with good sight form all the seats. An elevator guarantees barrier-free access for disabled members of the audience – also, additional wheelchair-user spaces in the auditorium can be set up on short notice. Additionally, there are seats with induction loops for the hearing impaired in the stalls.

The round 220 shows and 100,000 viewers in one season as well as the 1500 documented subscribers proof that the theater is well established in the town and its region. Outside its program, the Theater attracts 1000s of spectators with regional and supraregional events like the Bavarian Theatertage, the German Landesbühnentage and the annual Hofer Kulturnacht. Furthermore, the Theater offers an attractive supporting program, which many people who normally are not regulars to the theater make use of. That could be special events, foyer exhibitions, workshops, school projects, morning performances and the like.

More than twenty premières are presented to the viewers during one season. The theater – equipped with modern stagecraft – offers its round 150 employees from ca 20 nations optimal logistic prerequisites to work creatively and effectively. Considering this, it becomes clear that the theater, besides its many cultural responsibilities, is an important economic factor in the region; not only as an employer but also as a customer of many companies based in the region.

The theater’s productions can, by the way, not only be experienced in Hof but at many other performance spaces.

View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower ist worth the climb of 152 steps. In 32 meters you have a magnificent view over the city.
The tower is open during the summer months. You get the key at the tourist information.

Stadtführungen in Hof

Von April bis Oktober findet jeden Samstag um 10 Uhr eine Stadtführung durch Hof statt.
Eine Anmeldung ist dafür nicht nötig, empfiehlt sich aber für mehr als 10 Personen.


Where some of us once lived, where some still do ...or work (nearby): Film


Theater Hof GmbH
Kulmbacher Straße 5
95030 Hof

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Telefax +49 (0)9281 7070 299
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Ticket counter
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Montag bis Samstag 10.00–14.00 Uhr
Mittwoch zusätzlich 18.00–20.00 Uhr

An der Abendkasse findet ausschließlich der Verkauf für die jeweilige Abendvorstellung statt, nur mittwochs von Karten für alle Vorstellungen erhältlich.