The Ludwigstraße

The elegant arch in the town center

The Ludwigstraße delights us today as a uniform Biedermeier-neoclassical shopping mile but it only exists due to a catastrophe of greater extent. In 1823 about 90 percent of the whole town fell victim to a huge fire.

Today the Ludwigstraße is the charming backbone of the historic Hofer Neustadt. You can still easily recognize the methodically planned medieval structure with its own town walls. The reconstruction was executed almost completely in the Biedermeier style and is today the town ensemble that is most influenced by Biedermeier in Germany.

The consequence in the architecture of the houses and their facades has its own charm.

The Ludwigstraße is one of the large shopping districts in Hof, it has excellent specialist shops with offers that are high-quality and delicious.

The Ludwigstraße and its side streets show a notable abundance in the arrangement of the doors and gates. The entrances which have round arches and a granite fringe are especially eye-catching. The Hofer people – farmers before the industry developed – used to pass them with their harvest wagons.

You get to the Saale by walking just a few steps and can enjoy the peace there by passing through the Schultürlein – an old gate near house number 45 – or the Rähmberg (near the Oberes Tor).
Or you go further downhill and reach the Theresienstein via the “Sand” in just a couple of minutes.

View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower ist worth the climb of 152 steps. In 32 meters you have a magnificent view over the city.
The tower is open during the summer months. You get the key at the tourist information.

Opening details

Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday             10 am - 1 pm
Open Sundays    1 pm - 6 pm


View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower is worth-while the climb of the 152 steps. At a height of 32 m one has a wonderful view of the city.

The tower is accessible in the summer months during the opening hours of the tourist information. There you can also get the key.