The Hussites are coming!...

Every year since the Storm of the Hussites in 1430

While wearing medieval costumes, Herbert, the rough and boasty Hussite, and Elisabeth, a pious local girl, tell the story of how they experienced the attack – from their points of view. And of course there are differences between their stories:

Herbert boasts about the destruction and desecration of the convent whereas Elisabeth would very much like to see this horrible person being in purgatory!

The highlight of this tour are always the well rehearsed chorales in St. Michael’s Church. “Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.” The four choir singers know about the danger of a Hussite attack and beg for mercy. They ask for God’s help by singing their chorales in their hour of need.

Another musical companion comes in form of a bagpipes player who tries to calm the waves of the dispute by playing his songs. He accompanies the tour during the whole time and smoothes ruffled feathers again and again – but the Hussite Herbert doesn’t show a bit of remorse...

Along the way you might even learn something about the history of the Hussites and about how the Schlappentag came into existence.

Please ask us for the date.

Meeting point: Main entrance of St. Michael’s Church

Time: 2 pm until ca 4 pm

Price: 5€/person

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