The Franciscan Monastery

The former monastery of the Franciscan friar

In the west of Ludwigstraße, next to the town wall, were once the Franciscan monastery and the poor Clares nunnery.


The Franciscan monastery in Hof was founded in the 13th century and dissolved after the reformation in 1529 – the exact dates of the beginning and the end are missing.

The convents claimed a big area in the northwest corner of the Neustadt and consisted of main buildings, a convent church, an oast and brew house as well as a big garden with a summer house for the monks.

In the course of time the dissolved monastery became a grammar school, a warehouse for army gear, a royal Bavarian hall for collecting tolls and fees, a theater and even an indoor riding area.

Only parts of the monastery still exist, namely the east wing and parts of the north wing. Since the reformation the buildings have been used as schools. The monks’ summer house, which is also still preserved, became the core of the Gymnasium (comparable to high school) which was founded in 1546.

A tablet at the old school reminds us of the Upper Franconian poet Jean Paul’s schooldays’; he is the eponym of the school. LAUDI EST EUM EGREGIAS INGENII DOTES NON NEGLEXISSE “A reason to compliment him is that he didn’t neglect his intellectual powers.”

View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower ist worth the climb of 152 steps. In 32 meters you have a magnificent view over the city.
The tower is open during the summer months. You get the key at the tourist information.

Opening details

Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday             10 am - 1 pm
Open Sundays    1 pm - 6 pm


View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower is worth-while the climb of the 152 steps. At a height of 32 m one has a wonderful view of the city.

The tower is accessible in the summer months during the opening hours of the tourist information. There you can also get the key.