Old town

Hof’s large shopping district

Don’t be fooled by the name: The Hofer Altstadt, actually a large public place, is a vivid pedestrian precinct and together with the adjacent streets is it the shopping mile of the town which attracts visitors as well as locals.

Hof is characterized by a mixture of small shops and large shopping centers. Between those are cafés and restaurants, sights and time and time again great offers and sales. The historic streets of Hof’s Altstadt invite you to have an extensive shopping trip.

You can find international flair and local products in the small boutiques, shopping centers or specialist stores.

“In Hof you can really enjoy stress-free shopping!” – is what satisfied visitors tell us again and again. We take a little pride in that and we are glad to be able to have such modern offers.

The Altstadt is a huge sun deck in summer that invites flâneurs and guests to drink a cappuccino during a break from shopping and sometimes transforms into a stage itself.

Most of the Hofer Wärschtlamo are to be found in the Hofer Altstadt: They have been an inseparable part of Hof’s townscape since 1871 and have become ambassadors for good taste. Whoever visits Hof shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try a deliciously aromatic pair of sausages.

Each year in the last week of October, the red carpet is rolled out for the Hof International Film Festival. During the festival, all of the Altstadt is in an exceptional state; the whole place is being taken over by cinemagoers, famous people and camera crews.

View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower ist worth the climb of 152 steps. In 32 meters you have a magnificent view over the city.
The tower is open during the summer months. You get the key at the tourist information.

Opening details

Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday             10 am - 1 pm
Open Sundays    1 pm - 6 pm


View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower is worth-while the climb of the 152 steps. At a height of 32 m one has a wonderful view of the city.

The tower is accessible in the summer months during the opening hours of the tourist information. There you can also get the key.