Miniature golf

Fun on 18 courses

Skillfulness and a steady hand are parts of mini golf just like the famous ounce of luck.

What makes mini golf so interesting is not only the challenge to hole out with as few strokes as possible (you’re allowed six strokes, if you haven’t managed to get the ball into the hole by stroke number 6 then 7 strokes will be written down).

Mini golf is a leisure activity for the whole family, a popular theme for company or birthday parties and the favorite sport of ambitious mini golf players.

The mini golf park has 12 m (39 ft.) long and 1.25 m (4ft.) wide standardized concrete courses (except for the 25 m/82 ft. long track for long strokes) with obstacles that have to be installed in a specific order. The tee-markers on mini golf courses are always a circle with a diameter of 30 cm (12’’) right between the barriers at the beginning of the course.

The center has a distance of 40 cm (16’’) from the start of the course and is marked by a round mark with a diameter of max. 8 cm (3’). The course limits are formed by flat iron and pipe boundaries. The obstacles are made of concrete and natural stone.

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