Weekly markets and themed markets

The best of the epicurean region ... and from far away!

What dishes are served in Hof’s dining rooms are best to be heard about during a stroll through the weekly market at the Maxplatz. People there like to talk about “Schwammabrieh” (mushroom soup), “Ballnglees” (a kind of dumplings), “ausgezonga Pfannakung” (a sweet dish), “Kümmelstella” (caraway rolls), “gebackenes Blut” (traditional dish with blood), “Gansjung” (heart, stomach, liver etc of a goose), “Speckfett” (lard with apples), “Schlauchbrieh mit Ochsenaugen” (a kind of soup)...

The marketers invite you to the weekly market: always on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Maxplatz.

A world full of freshness, colors and smells – that’s the Hofer weekly market at the Maxplatz. The marketers invite to shop and taste every Wednesday and Saturday: the colorful market stands under the double winged doors of St. Michael’s tempt you to go on an appreciative stroll.

Fragrant fruits, crisp vegetables, crispy pretzels, goat cheese or honey – tasting is necessary.

Several times a year the marketers come up with something special: the highlights of the market season are the theme markets for which people travel from far away. Depending on the season it’s an asparagus, game or South Tyrol market that will be the culinary event.

The dates will be announced in the press.

The farmers’ market complements the offer of the weekly market at the Maxplatz on every last Saturday of the month.

Then direct marketers from the Hof region present their home made treats like quark, butter, bread, cake, jam, Kochkäse and sausages. Most of the times, those excellent goods are produced according to traditional family recipes.

You can buy fresh eggs and poultry, smoked meat, canned meat, honey, cake, potatoes and liqueur; always complemented by seasonal offers. All products come directly from a farm into your kitchen – they are healthy and inexpensive. The farmers’ market is also a place where you can get recipes for traditional Hofer dishes: “Saure Zipfel” or “Schwammabrieh”, stockfish and woodruff punch. Some market women who – with pride – tell how many of her dumplings were consumed the Sunday before become silent when you ask about the recipe for real Hofer Schnitz (vegetables and meat) – it’s a well kept secret!

Spring finds its way into the Easter market on Holy Saturday. The market women decorate the fountain at the Maxplatz with many eggs of different colors and definitely chase away winter with the colorful decorations. Besides, there’s everything there for a healthy spring.

Christmas market: from Friday before Advent Sunday until three work days before Christmas. In the midst of all the Christmas excitement, amidst snowy roofs and towers, there’s the Hofer Santa spreading holiday cheer and warmth and brings back long forgotten childhood memories. The sound of St. Mary’s church bells remind of the oncoming Christmas Eve.

The smell of hot mulled wine and roasted almonds, of hot chestnuts and delicious Bratwürste caress the nose; gingerbread in the form of hearts, crib figurines, Christmas tree decorations, toys and warm sweaters want to be bought!

A daily changing support program makes the visit festive or jiving and there is organ music and the manger exhibition in the church. Even Santa insists on a tour of the Hofer Christmas market.

View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower ist worth the climb of 152 steps. In 32 meters you have a magnificent view over the city.
The tower is open during the summer months. You get the key at the tourist information.

Stadtführungen in Hof

Von April bis Oktober findet jeden Samstag um 10 Uhr eine Stadtführung durch Hof statt.
Eine Anmeldung ist dafür nicht nötig, empfiehlt sich aber für mehr als 10 Personen.


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