Sports in Hof

Hof: extremely athletic

Hof traditionally is a sports city and has more than 50 sports clubs with more than 12,000 members (70% adults and 30% teens and children). Statistically, one in three citizens of Hof is a member of a sports club. The offer covers over 60 types of sport.

You can find the sports programs and all of Hof’s sports clubs at the Hofer Sportverband e.V.

Sports facilities in Hof

Both, the town authorities and various clubs and private organizations, provide a variety of sports facilities. Besides the large municipal stadiums, Hof boasts tennis courts, horse-riding facilities, miniature golf, a golf course, a boules-pitch and climbing park at the Untreusee, recreational center with squash halls, Ass-Hall for skateboarders and inline skating, bowling alleys, beach volleyball courts, soccer park with synthetic lawn and much more.

Municipal stadium "Grüne Au"
room for 8.000 spectators

Oelsnitzer Str. 101
95028 Hof
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 732510

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Municipal stadium "Ossecker Straße"
room for 5.000 spectators

Ossecker Str. 50
95030 Hof
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 95384

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Municipal sports grounds

Sigmundsgraben 46
95028 Hof
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 1057

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Municipal sports grounds
"Schleizer Straße"

Schleizer Str. 103
95028 Hof
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 141430

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Municipal sports grounds
"Ascher Straße"

Ascher Str. 40
95028 Hof
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 41569

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State centre for competitive gymnastics
"Landesleistungszentrum für Turnen"

Max-Reger-Str. 71
95030 Hof
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 7884 655

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Schulzentrum am Rosenbühl

Municipal skating rink
<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 478785

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Water sports:

with trailer park and boating jetties


Fachbereich Schulen und Sport
Herr Andreas Gross
Klosterstr. 3
95028 Hof

Telefon   +49 (0)9281 815 1710
Telefax  +49 (0)9281 815 87 1710