Public transport

Bus service in Hof


27 modern buses of the HofBus GmbH cover 12 bus lines throughout the municipal area. Four of these buses drive with hybrid drive.

In the buses of the HofBus GmbH, all tickets of the Transport Community Hof are accepted. This way, passengers can change from all trains with the destination Hof to all buses that operate in the Hof area. Intercity buses also pick up passengers who want to get on or off within the town area. Transit passes are considered as zone card within the town area. Free Wi-Fi is available in all city buses since July 2018.

A new Community tariff for bus transportation beyond County and City limits - From 01/01/2016 the new Hochfranken tariff ( HOT ) applies. Customers can easily and clearly identify fares for public transportation. For more information, see the following tariff plan:

Download PDF-Dokument tariff plan (633 kB)

Travel information on the Hof bus service can be given by telephone (09281/819 40 89) or – if desired – in written form, we can also draw up individual plans.

Parking plan

Bus timetable