Nordic Walking

Active walking at the Theresienstein and Untreusee

Regardless of age, sex or condition, Nordic walking is suitable for everybody, from the beginner to the fitness enthusiast who wants to train his physical capacities to the utmost. This sportive form of walking with sticks is similar to cross-country skiing and, like the latter, is an excellent stamina training for the whole body. Nordic walking is so effective because the movements are natural and nearly all the 650 muscles of the human body are needed. It guarantees fun and exercise, vitality and fitness. However the beneficial effects on the whole body are only achieved if it is done properly. That is why special instruction and suitable equipment are essential. No other sport combines fitness and health better than Nordic walking.

Routes at the Theresienstein

Hof’s spacious Theresienstein Park offers an ideal and varied terrain for Nordic walking with different degrees of difficulty.

An information board at the Lettenbachsee car park shows and gives details about the four nordic walking tracks around the Theresienstein.

Routes at the Untreusee

Various tracks for this sport are also available at and around the Untreusee reservoir.

An information board at the boat jetties shows and gives details about the four tracks here.