The FORUM GESUNDHEIT (health forum) in the Münch-Ferber-Villa

The FORUM GESUNDHEIT offers the population as well as healthcare professionals a wide range of information and help with the healthcare system. Many special events and events that offer information and advice regarding medical advance, health, prevention and naturopathy take place here.

The Münch-Ferber-Villa was built at the end of the 19th century by Kommerzienrat (Councilor of Commerce) Walther Münch-Ferber in the style of Italian Classicism. After the villa had decayed quite a bit, the city of Hof bought and renovated it with many donations from Hofer citizens and companies and handed the villa over to the FORUM GESUNDHEIT in July 2012.

As part of its goals, the FORUM GESUNDHEIT is also responsible for the use of the villa and offers it as location to interested parties for events.

The villa offers eight conference rooms with 10 to 32 seats and is complemented by a newly established event pavilion of 100 seats. New modern conference technology is available for all rooms. The classical architecture with its clear elegance offers a special ambience for every event.

Use the offer and visit talks and event days on our premises.

Our on-site service team can give you any information on current events or the potential use of our exclusive conference rooms in a historic ambience:

Forum Gesundheit gemeinnützige GmbH
Münch-Ferber-Straße 1, 95028 Hof
Telefon: 09281 59 15 778
Telefax. 09281 5915 777
E-Mail: info@forum-gesundheit.eu

Further information here: www.forum-gesundheit.eu 



Forum Gesundheit gemeinnützige GmbH
Münch-Ferber-Straße 1
95028 Hof
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