Hof International Film Festival

An uncomplicated family reunion for the industry

The Hof International Film Festival goes back to 1967, when local film producer Heinz Badewitz († 2016/3/10) together with some colleagues organized the “Erste Hofer Filmtage” under partly difficult circumstances. That first festival was an immediate success. A never-ending stream of cinemagoers poured into Hof’s cinemas. After only a few years the word “International” was added to the name “Hofer Filmtage” (Hof Film Festival). This event has in the meantime developed into a well-established forum which attracts film-lovers and representatives of all the media much in the same way as light attracts moths.

Inextricably linked with Hof’s Film Festival are illustrious names such as Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Werner Herzog and Wim Wenders. They showed their first films in Hof and even after working their way to the very top of their industry have remained faithful to this cinematic event ever since.

The Hof International Film Festival has always been like a family celebration – informal and easy-going. The latest films are, of course, in the foreground of interest, but the social get-togethers and the never-ending discussions about films accompanied by local culinary delights have their own special appeal, too.

The Film Festival takes place in the last week of October every year. It always begins on a Wednesday and lasts until Sunday.



Hof International Film Festival
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