Beer in Hof

A tradition with a bright future

It is safe to assume that the inhabitants of Hof have always brewed their own beer and the conferring of town privileges in 1319 provided the legal basis for beer brewing.

Sudkessel Brauerei

Brewing is an art. That is a truism implying that it was only in the course of time that trained specialists for this craft evolved out of the initial making of home-brewed beer without any guild rules at all. The local history of Hof abounds with tales about this subject. The annalists found it worth noting that in the 16th century people in Kulmbach preferred beer from Hof or that excessive beer prices led to a demonstration with the result that the town council had to stipulate the beer price. Early regulations to assure the quality of the beer are also mentioned.

Today there are two breweries in Hof, some of which can trace their origins back to the old communal brewing rights. The quantity of the delicious local brews cannot be compared to the output of mass production beers such as those advertised on television. However our various brews all have their own character and the brewery owners are not anonymous but personally known. They vouch for the excellent quality of their beers. Hof, situated in the north-east of the region with the highest density of breweries in the world, is justly proud of its brewing tradition and its place in the present-day beer scene.

By the way: almost as nice to look at as a freshly tapped ‚Maß‘ are the sparkling brew kettles in the brew houses. Brewing beer is an art in itself – drinking it, a delight.

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