Hof’s development

around 1080 settlement Rekkenze with first parish St Lorenz
1214 first documented mention of the town
around 1230 creation of the fortified new town (Neustadt)
1292 Franciscan monastery
1299 fire destroys the old and the new town
1319 Hof receives its town charter
1348 convent of the Poor Clare Sisters
1373 the Vogt (bailiff) of Weida sells Hof and the neighbouring region Regnitzland to the burgraves of Nuremberg
1430 pillage by the Hussites
1433 first “Schlappentag” in Hof
1465 the Hof Altar
1529 the Reformation comes to Hof
1546 the Gymnasium, Hof’s grammar school, is founded
1553 seven-week siege of Hof in the Margravial War
1557 first printing press in Hof
1563 - 66

town hall built by Nikolaus Hofmann from Halle

1592 Enoch Widmann’s chronicles appear
1625, 1690 major fires
1632 - 43 the worst years of the Thirty Years War
1783 Hof’s first newspaper
1792 Hof becomes part of Prussia
1806 Hof is administered by the French (as a result of the Napoleonic Wars)
1810 Hof now becomes part of the Kingdom of Bavaria
1823 9/10 of the town is destroyed by fire
1848 opening of the railway lines Hof – Neuenmarkt and Hof – Plauen
1853 first textile factory opened (the Mechanische Baumwollspinnerei)

laying of the foundation stone of the Catholic Marienkirche (St Mary’s Church)

1865 opening of the railway line Hof - Eger

the Fichtelgebirgsbahn railway to Regensburg goes into service

1880 the new railway station is opened
1884 a further textile factory, the Vogtländische Baumwollspinnerei, commences production
1906 Hofeck and Moschendorf become part of the town of Hof
1921 Bismarckturm look-out tower is completed
1931 Hof’s new municipal hospital
1945 14th February:  air raid on Leimitzer Straße and Poststraße;
8th April: air raid on the area around the station with many casualties;
15th April: American troops reach Hof;

towards the end of the year: camp for displaced persons opened in Moschendorf; large treks of refugees and DPs; altogether about 600,000 refugees are processed in Hof, with 23,292 of them staying in Bavaria;

Hof’s symphony orchestra, the Hofer Symphoniker, is founded

1952 inauguration of the indoor swimming baths
1960 the Berufsschule, a vocational school, is opened
1961 inauguration of the high-rise courts of justice building
1962 Gerhard Hetz, a son of the town, sets up a world record in swimming (400 metres individual medley) in Moscow
1969 Hof-Pirk Airport is opened
1970 the Fachoberschule, a college of higher education, is opened

the German army, Bundeswehr, establishes a garrison in Hof

the observatory is opened
the Fachakademie für Sozialpädogik training college opens
1972 Unterkotzau, Eppenreuth, Pirk and Osseck become part of the town of Hof
1974 the new Freiheitshalle is inaugurated
the main customs office gets a new building
the municipal ice-rink is opened
1975 the Johann-Christian-Reinhart-Gymnasium moves into a brand-new building
the Jahn-Sporthalle is completed

the Civil Service University (Bayerische Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung und Rechtspflege) opens its doors to the first 40 students on 1st October

1976 the town council decides to build the Untreusee reservoir
the Therapeutisch-Pädagogisches Zentrum, a sheltered workshop, is opened
1977 Leimitz and Jägersruh are incorporated

the town hall extension building in Klosterstraße and the new bus station are completed


incorporation of Haidt and Wölbattendorf

the Hofer Symphoniker open their music school
1980 “Q-Bogen” underpass and  Michaelis Bridge are opened to traffic
Villeneuve-la-Garenne near Paris is twinned with Hof
1981 opening ceremony for Lake Untreusee recreation area
the Lernhof school for the disabled begins teaching
1982 topping-out ceremony for the new the Civil Service University buildings
1983 re-opening of the outdoor swimming-pool after its face-lift
the museum of local history Museum Bayerisches Vogtland, founded in 1908, moves into new premises
1984 topping-out ceremony for hospital extension
1986 Hof gets a pedestrian precinct (Altstadt and Lorenzstraße)
1987 local radio stations “Radio Euroherz” and “Extraradio” go on air
Hof is twinned with Plauen
1989 shortly before the fall of the wall, 14 special trains bring 13,600 refugees from East Germany via Prague and Dresden to Hof
in the three days after the opening-up of the East German border, 330,000 people in more than 90,000 cars come to visit Hof
1990 opening of the new indoor swimming pool “HofBad
1991 the foundation stone for the new theatre is laid
1992 extension of the Hof-Pirk Airport to meet international requirements
1993 Hof’s clinic is fitted out with state-of-the-art radiological equipment
1994 a new University of Applied Sciences opens with 96 students
the Bavarian national garden exhibition “Landesgartenschau” takes place in Hof
“Don Giovanni“ is the first performance in Hof’s new theatre
1995 the Bavarian theatre festival “Theatertage” takes place in Hof from 18th June to 2nd July
1996 the new youth wave radio station “HO*T FM” goes on the air
the Bavarian Radio’s yearly round Bavaria cycle tour ends in Hof
1997 the historic “Bürgergesellschaft” opens its renovated rooms to the public
laying of the foundation stone for the University of Applied Sciences
first local plebiscite in Hof fails to get a majority
1998 in February the “Innovations- und Gründerzentrum” is opened to help people starting up businesses of their own
inauguration of the new synagogue of the Jewish community
28th May: President Roman Herzog visits Hof
ceremonial opening of the new Applied Sciences University campus in Septembermber
1999 1st January: Hof’s Airport is changed to a public limited company under the name of “Flughafen Hof-Plauen”;
19th March: traffic comes to a standstill as a result of a major demonstration for a motorway bypass of Hof
Hof is on the route of the cycle tour “Friedensfahrt”
2000 motorway A93 bypassing Hof to the east is officially opened at the end of the year
the new Bavarian Virtual Campus gets its headquarters in Hof
2001 a new course of studies “Administration Informatics” is introduced at the university
the Bavarian Virtual Campus is started
2002 opening of a container terminal at the freight station
2003 Hof’s park Theresienstein is voted the most beautiful park in Germany in a national competition
1st September: work commences on a new industrial estate in Hof-Gattendorf, where components for the automobile industry are to be produced

12th January: Hof cultural association “Hofer Kunstverein” opens its new gallery in the Theresienstein complex with an exhibition “KunstSaat 7”

2005 Lessing Bridge is demolished because of structural damage and replaced by a new bridge, which is finished by December
Hof’s main railway station, built in 1880 to replace the original railway station in the centre of town, celebrates its 125th anniversary in March and April
the partnership with Hof’s French twin Villeneuve-la-Garenne is now 25 years old
the Krötenbruck primary school parents’ association wins the Bavarian “Bürgerkulturpreis
2006 Dr Harald Fichtner is elected Mayor with 61.38 per cent of the votes
the Bavarian Environmental Institute “Landesamt für Umweltschutz” is transferred to Hof
major roadworks improve Lessingstraße and Schleizer Straße and Rekkenzeplatz (Rekkenze Square) is redesigned
during the World Cup in football the “Hof-WM 06” takes place in the Altstadt
2007 hurricane Kyrill strikes and causes severe damage
  May 9: EU summit on European structural support in Hof 

May 19: notice of rejection by the North Bavarian aviation office about the airport extension arrives

  November 30: inauguration of the triple gymnasium „Lion Halle“ at the Sigmundsgraben 
2008 March 2: city council election

July 4: After consultation with Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, Upper Franconian district president Wenning validates Hof’s city council election

  October 31: 450th anniversary of the deanery in Hof


July 22: The signing of the contract finalizes the merger between the Kreis- und Stadtparkasse Hof (bank) and the Sparkasse Fichtelgebirge to Sparkasse Hochfranken


November 9: On occasion of the 20-year anniversary of the border opening, the cabinet of the Bavarian state government holds a meeting at city hall in Hof


February 26: District administrator Bernd Hering is awarded the citizen’s medal of the city of Hof

  July 5: Hof has been a part of Bavaria for 200 years; this has been commemorated by various speeches and events since March

November 9: 65th anniversary of the Hofer Symphoniker. On 17th October 2010 hey have already been awarded the „Echo Klassik“ for the promotion of young talents in Essen, the „Kulturpreis der Bayerischen Landesstiftung“ followed on 9th November 2010

2011 January 24: At the start of the „Bürgerforum 2011“ - initiated by Federal President Christian Wulff - which is an opportunity for German citizens to have a say in politics, representatives from 25 German regions were invited to Bellevue Palace in Berlin. Among them, as one of altogether 400 participants - mayor Dr. Harald Fichtner

May 27: On 3rd April 1861 the „Turnverein zu Hof 1861“ (gymnastics club) was founded in Hof. Highlight of the celebrations on occasion of the 150-year anniversary is a festive evening in the Bürgergesellschaft

  August 20: The new overpass at the main station is opened to the public and the old one is closed off.
2012 On March 11th Mayor Dr. Harald Fichtner is reelected by 56% of the popular vote.

On May 1st 4000 citizens are opposing a demonstration of 300 Neo-Fascists.

2013 Former German Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl is honored by the Bavarian Government for his merits concerning the German Reunification Process in the years 1989-1990. The ceremonial act takes place at Freiheitshalle Hof and in the formerly divided village Mödlareuth nearby.
2014 A new City Council is elected.
German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the State Premier of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, are visiting the City of Hof.

Ceremonial Act to celebrate 750 years of Hospitalstiftung Hof (the oldest foundation in the district of Upper-Franconia).

Church service to celebrate „800 years St. Lorenz“.

2015  Reopening of the reconstructed Dr. Wirth-Place.
2016  The Adult Education Center Hof-County starts the conversion of the former Water Management Office.

Heinz Badewitz, founder and director of the Hof Filmfestival „Hofer Filmtage“ and honorary citizen of the City of Hof, dies surprisingly on March 10th – the 50th jubilee of the Festival takes place without him in October.

1st Hof City-Fest attracts thousands of visitors.

The official „Day of Franconia“ is celebrated in Hof for the first time.


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