Geographical position

“Hof – the top of Bavaria!”

Lage der Stadt Hof

Hof is one of the northernmost towns in Bavaria.

Hof is situated on the River Saale in a scenic part of the country where Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia and the Czech Republic meet, with the low mountains of the Fichtelgebirge range on the one side and the Franconian Forest on the other.

The town lies at an altitude of between 470 metres and 600 metres above sea level. The highest point in Hof, a hill called “Kulm” in Osseck, is 614 metres.

The geographic centre of town is the junction Friedrichstraße – Pfarr – Bismarckstraße near Hotel Strauß (see map).

The geographic coordinates are: 50º 18’ 54.82” North, 11º 55’ 0.71” East.

Further information is available from the tourist information office.


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