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Well connected by rail

Hof lies on the following major routes operated by Deutschen Bahn AG

  • Munich-Regensburg-Hof
  • Würzburg-Bamberg-Hof
  • Nuremberg-Hof
  • Hof-Leipzig-Berlin
  • Hof-Chemnitz-Dresden

Besides Hof Rail Station is on the so-called Saxon-Franconian-Line from Nuremberg to Dresden.

From Nuremberg and Würzburg there are connections to the inter-city network linking up with all major German and European cities.

Hof’s main station is an international rail junction for passenger and freight transport on one of the major lines between southern, central and eastern Europe.

Ultra-modern Regio-Sprinter railcars (VT 612) are in operation on the following lines

  • Hof - Nuremberg
  • Hof - Bamberg - Würzburg
  • Hof - Zwickau
  • Hof - Leipzig

These speedy trains provide a fast connection to major long-distance rail junctions. There is also the possibility of making day-trips from Hof to Berlin via Leipzig.

Besides the Deutsche Bahn, rail-operator Vogtlandbahn runs two lines from Hof using modern DESIRO and Regio-Sprinter railcars:

  • Hof - Weiden - Regensburg
  • Hof - Plauen - Falkenstein - Adorf

Since December 2007 “alex” (a train of the state railway – responsible railway company is the Vogtlandbahn) has been connecting Hof via Regensburg with Munich. There are five direct connections daily; the trains also have service carriages in which beverages and snacks are available.

In July 2011, the railway company agilis started operations in Upper Franconia and has since then covered hourly the following routes with their modern, air-conditioned railcars, type RegioShuttle:

  • Hof - Marktredwitz - Bayreuth
  • Hof - Selb
  • Hof - Münchberg
  • Hof - Bad Steben

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