Labyrinth Untreusee

Getting lost for beginners and advanced beginners.

The Hofer Labyrinth at the Untreusee is unique and the biggest of his kind in Europe. Visitors of all ages enjoy the paths – and the detours.

What is special about it: it’s neither a traditional labyrinth, in which there is one entwined path from the entrance to the middle of the maze, nor is it a conventional maze with a system of branched paths; with dead ends and crossings that let you get lost easily. The Hofer version is a mixture of both; it’s a maze with labyrinth-like sections.

If everything goes as planned, you will cover a distance of 2.5 km (1.5 miles) until you reach the center – if you get lost you have to add the corresponding distance; concentration and perseverance are required in this 2200 m² (2631 yard²) area – just as having fun while searching, finding, getting lost and talking to other visitors.

It’s no usual labyrinth as the way is connected to tasks just like in a game of memory. Those spots you have to find make it easier to get your bearings.

The Labyrinth is designed so that it can be redesigned and changed again and again – this way it will never get boring. It’s a challenge for mind, body and soul all year round – you are in the fresh air, on soft ground, train your concentration and converse with others.


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Entry Times

Monday to Friday  13.00 - 19.00
                            10.00 - 19.00

Due to weather conditions, changes of the opening times may occure.