Jean Paul Museum

How do you get to Auenthal from Kuhschnappel?

Of course – like Jean Paul – on foot along the Saale or – in modern times – by car. In both cases the way is pretty pleasant and 12 km (7.4 miles) long.

Saaleschleife bei Joditz

A museum in Joditz, the “Auenthal” of his childhood, was dedicated to the Upper Franconian poet Jean Paul (1763 – 1825) – it’s said to be the jeanpauliest of all the Jean Paul museums.

Persons, life and works of the poet are documented in its rooms: in the lower storey and in the barn the poet’s youth in the presbytery, in which agriculture played a role,  is portrayed and in the upper storey are depictions of the successful author’s life with all his quirks and his love for beer.

Almost all the first editions of Jean Paul’s works are exhibited as well as many of his contemporaries.
The reference library comprises more than 700 titles with way more than 1000 volumes.

Everything is arranged lovingly. The small private museum oozes the operators’ admiration coupled with a great deal of fun and village atmosphere.
Visitors from “Kuhschnappel” – this name was given to Hof by Jean Paul – should not only take a look at the museum but also at the church.

Kirche Joditz

Jean Paul was greatly influenced by his father’s sermons in the Johanneskirche that is located across the street:
“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory.”
The figure of Christ in the small, well-decorated church is worth a second look.


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Entry Times

Only on request for smaller groups.

Jean Paul Trail

The Jean Paul trail runs through Upper Franconia like a 200 km (124 miles) long line:
It begins in Joditz, via Hof, Oberkotzau, Schwarzenbach on the Saale, Sparneck, the Waldstein, Weißenstadt, Röslau, Wunsiedel and runs through more stops until Bayreuth and from there it goes on to Sanspareil.


Personal data on Jean Paul's life

Report by BR

Between Spessart and Karwendel:
Eberhardt Schmidt and Jean Paul