Information board Saaleradweg 4

Mostly cycling along the river through the Saale floodplains, you always have sight contact to the town centre with its distinctive towers. There are always opportunities to explore the town centre on the alternative route.

A short detour from the main route, past the Saale cycle station, leads to the civic park Theresienstein, one of the oldest civic parks in Bavaria. Well planned and extended and embellished with generous donations, the civic park, with its 70 hectares of English gardens, is a gem to envy Hof for. The extensive park stretches its feelers far into the centre of the town, with green meadows and a tree-shaded avenue. A wide variety of pavilions and sculptures, ponds, historical weather huts and quite a few monuments provide a deep insight into the history of the park and the town. The panorama of the lower Ludwigstraße up to the town hall in particular enchants visitors in the southern part of the park and directly at the distinctive Haus Theresienstein.

Families are drawn to the zoological garden, romantics linger in the botanical garden and those who love minerals follow the Geopfad Theresienstein.


"The Saale river, which had risen in the Fichtelgebirge mountains just like me, had followed me till there", says the poet Jean Paul, and thus he explained the special atmosphere around the Theresienstein and yet described it appropriately.

He was born in Wunsiedel as Johann Paul Friedrich Richter. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Schwarzenbach, Joditz and Hof, which are to be found in his works again and again.

In his times Jean Paul was extremely successful. He is regarded as the first German poet who could make a living from writing and was read more in his times than Goethe or Schiller. In his works, he often describes the places where he lived and incorporates both joyful and painful experiences. Mainly in "Das Leben des vergnügten Schulmeisterlein Maria Wutz", "Siebenkäs", "Flegeljahre" and "Selberlebensbeschreibung" you can find descriptions of his adolescent home.