Information board Saaleradweg 2

One of the most beautiful cross-town routes along the course of the Saale leads through Hof.

Again and again the view falls on the old town, which rises on the left bank. You can see paths and gates leading into the town centre, which are often used by town strollers for short breaks on the sunny slope.

Here, the Saale is a recreational water, which is navigable only later on, but is still used in a variety of ways. It is walkers and cyclists who spend their leisure time in the renaturalised floodplains and on beautiful paths.

On the alternative route, you take a short ride through Hof's old town. There are many opportunities to stop for a break or to visit the town.

The St. Lorenzkirche, which stands high on the Klausenberg above the Saale, is said to have been built in 1080 and was first mentioned in a document in 1214. As the oldest church in the town and mother church of the region, it is historically of great importance and one of the sights of Hof.

The neo-Gothic style St. Marienkirche marks the entrance to the old town.

A good overview of the town is provided by the 32-metre high town hall tower.

The imposing St. Michaeliskirche with its double towers at the end of Hof's old town sends a clear signal.

Another cultural and historical sight is the Hospitalkirche, which looks Gothic from the outside with its rich artistic Baroque decoration and coffered ceiling painted in 90 panels.

The Museum Bayerisches Vogtland houses an impressive collection on the urban and cultural history of Hof and also displays exhibits on recent German-German history.

On the main route of the Saale cycle path, the Hofer Fernwehpark is reached, passing the spacious open-air swimming pool area and the attractive indoor "HofBad" and continuing through the Saale meadows.

After a view of the charming art nouveau building in the civic park Theresienstein, which with its lovingly designed botanical garden was voted the most beautiful German park in 2003, the route takes the cyclist, always along the Saale, through the district Unterkotzau out of the town of Hof.