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Welcome to Hof - at the top of Bavaria!

Guest at the place of pleasure Hof

The cyclist approaches the town of Hof through a wide floodplain, which has created the strongly meandering Saale river here. Already with a view of the first houses, a rewarding detour to Hof's local recreation area Untreusee is worthwhile. The picturesquely situated lake is suitable for almost any kind of leisure activity - but you can also laze around on its shores.

With the branching off "Vogtland-Radweg", a route from the Bavarian network for cyclists, the "Alte Regnitzland" around Regnitzlosau opens up, from where the "Dreiländereck" between Bavaria, Saxony and the Czech Republic is easily reached. From there the Iron Curtain Trail leads along the former Iron Curtain to the North or South.

The International Hof Film Festival, the theatre and the Hof Symphony Orchestra are the figureheads of Hof, but also the romantic and dreamy civic park Theresienstein - one of the most beautiful parks in Germany - has gained international reputation.

The lively pedestrian zone, which is situated on a hill above the river Saale, attracts visitors and locals alike to shop and enjoy.

And right in the middle of this friendly shopping town there is an original that can only be found here: the "Hofer Wärschtlamo". He sells his hot goods, cooked sausages in many different forms, in the old town of Hof.

Generally speaking, the people of Hof are proud of their typical Franconian cuisine - of sausages such as the "Hofer Rindfleischwurst", which is protected throughout Europe, as well as of their bakery trade, the many tasty dishes in the Hof restaurants or, of course, the delicious Hof beer.

Have fun discovering and enjoying Hof!