The wonderful world of wellness and relaxation

Everything you need for a short vacation you’ll find in the sauna facilities directly adjoining the HofBad. It’s pure relaxation on two levels – with different saunas, an aroma steam bath, a whirlpool, lifestyle showers, different rest areas, a Rasul bath, the HofSauna-bistro and a wellness area. Balance body, mind and soul.

Panorama sauna
It’s for anybody who doesn’t want to miss a view of nature while sweating. There’s a beautiful view of the outdoor installations and the Saale due to generous glass elements.
Temperature: 75°C to 80°C (167°F-176°F)

Kelo Sauna
“Kelo” is short for Kelohonka which means “old pine”. The rustic log cabin is made of untreated wood from the Finnish polar pines that have to grow up to 500 years in an arctic climate zone to be able to find use in a Kelo sauna.
Temperature: 100°C (212°F)

Aroma steam bath
Each and every square centimeter of your skin has about 100 pores. A steam bath opens up every one of them and makes your skin soft and smooth.
The high humidity and exquisite scents create a relaxing climate that stimulates the blood circulation, clears your respiratory tract and loosens sore muscles. Stress is reduced and joint pains diminish. The cleansing effect is intensified by steam of natural herbs.
Leave stress and hectic behind while under a starry sky, listening to relaxing music and watching pleasant lighting effects.
Temperature: 48°C (118°F), ca 100% humidity

Rasul bath
Dreams of 1001 night!
Enjoy the 45 minute oriental steam bath that comes with different mud packs. The mud on your skin has a peeling effect. The mud will be washed off at the end of the ceremony and oils will be massaged into your skin. The Rasul bath relaxes the skin, stimulates the metabolism and has a firming effect on the connective tissue.
While your body is relaxing you can take a time out and breathe – listening to quiet music and the burble of the fountain.
Temperature: 40°C (104°F)

Heat mine gallery
Sweating underground is nicer than you might think – especially for those sauna-goers who don’t like it too hot. The oxygen therapy additionally optimizes the degree of effectiveness of air in your body. The temporary evaporation of salty natural brine intensifies the detoxifying effect on your body. A balance of colors and calming sounds creates a pleasant atmosphere.
Temperature: 40°C to 55°C (104°F-131°F)

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Sunday to Tuesday 9.00 - 21.00 
Wednesday to Saturday 9.00 - 22.00
Holidays 9.00 - 21.00

Thursday only women.