Hofer Wärschtlamo

Our ambassadors for good taste with a long-standing tradition

They are the likeable figureheads of our town and stand for a profession that exists only in Hof. They have been selling their sausages since 1871.

Every child loves him and every trip in Hof leads to him – he is the embodiment of the Hofer way of life and identity: the Hofer Wärschtlamo.

In some families the profession is passed on from generation to generation. The Hofer Wärschtlamo with his philosophical and peaceful brass kettle has been part of the face of the town since 1871 – long before the term ‘fast food’ came into existence.

In that year a resourceful butcher from Hof had the idea not bring the people to the sausage but the sausage to the people. He equipped one of his employees with a Bätsch (cap), lederna Jubbm (leather jacket) and a weißa Scherzn (white apron) and gave him a portable kettle that is to be heated with coal. So he went to schools and factories and soon the costumers knew him by his elongated whistle. And when he called out ‘Haaß sensa, kold wernsa!’ (They are hot but will be cold soon), hungry people flocked to his kettle. Today, the Wärschtlamo are an institution in the Hofer Altstadt, the Lorenzstraße and the Oberes Tor.

The town’s everyday life cannot possibly be imagined without the Wärschtlamo, who offer fresh and delicious Hofer ‘Wärscht’ (sausages) out of their steaming kettles – those are well known to gourmets, just like the mouth-watering Hofer beer. He has “Wienerla”, “Gnagger”, “Bauern” and “Weißa” which you can eat with or without mustard.

You can find the ‘ambassadors for good taste’ in Lorenzstraße, the Altstadt and at the Oberes Tor. And they are to be identified by their typical brass kettle and the big basket for the rolls.

The Hofer Wärschtlamo is a must for every visitor.

You can always squeeze in a pair of genuine Hofer ‘Wärscht’ (sausages) to go.

View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower ist worth the climb of 152 steps. In 32 meters you have a magnificent view over the city.
The tower is open during the summer months. You get the key at the tourist information.

Hofer Wärschtlamänner

Einen Flyer mit vielen Informationen zum Hofer Wärschtlamo erhalten Sie in der Tourist-Information.

Deutsch-Wärschlamo / Wärschtlamo-Deutsch

Falls Sie der Hofer Sprache nicht mächtig sein sollten, so können Sie hier die notwendigen Fachausdrücke einsehen.