Hof International Film Festival

The “Home of Films” invites

Wim Wenders called Hof the H.O.F “Home of Films” – that’s right! The festival at the end of October is the family reunion of the national and international film industry...

Every last weekend in October, Hof is the most important showcase for talents and novelties in the German film industry and stepping stone for careers and meeting point for cineastes. At the Hof International Film Festival, more than 100 productions from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world have their world or German premiere.

It is a cross-section of the latest German productions; but also moviemakers from all over the world show their newest works. Many of them come to Hof in person and experience – together with specialist spectators and thousands of local film fans – the flair of this world-famous and very familial festival.

Directors, producers, actors, movie fans and activity vacationers are all mixed together to watch the highlights of the coming film season. The fictitious world of cinema meets the down-to-earth atmosphere of the Franconian Forest for almost a week. In the Upper Franconian Hof it’s not important which designer dress is worn by the awardee of the bear or lion, here the story of the films take center stage.

It’s a festival during which the focus is on the movies and moviemakers – without much hype, easygoing and away from the glamour. As former Film Festival boss Heinz Badewitz (+ 2016) says “the movies are more important.”

Created in 1967 in Hof by young German moviemakers – Badewitz was one of them – the Film Festival turned out to be the figurehead of the “New German film”.

All of the important German directors practically started their careers at the Hof Film Festival: among others Wim Wenders, Werner herzog, Rainer W. Fassbinder, Doris Dörrie, Detleev Buck, Caroline Link or Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

View from the city hall tower

The view from the city hall tower ist worth the climb of 152 steps. In 32 meters you have a magnificent view over the city.
The tower is open during the summer months. You get the key at the tourist information.

Stadtführungen in Hof

Von April bis Oktober findet jeden Samstag um 10 Uhr eine Stadtführung durch Hof statt.
Eine Anmeldung ist dafür nicht nötig, empfiehlt sich aber für mehr als 10 Personen.


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