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The realm of visual artists and painters

The Hofer art club offers a platform with a very special ambiance for contemporary art with its “Galerie im Theresienstein”.

The club presents works by artists from all over the federal state in this castle-like Art Nouveau building in the center of the Theresienstein. However, art and culture from the region are portrayed more often and receive special support.

The art club in Hof has eight or nine exhibition openings a year in the “Galerie im Theresienstein”. There are almost always double exhibitions: besides the big prestigious exhibition in four rooms of the gallery there’s a smaller one in the “cabinet”.

Apart from its own exhibitions, the art club, a partner of the small Klostergalerie of the Diakonie Hochfranken (social welfare work), also organizes trips to museums and exhibitions (together with the Volkshochschule Hof-Land) as well as readings by authors, discussions with artists and concerts. It cooperates with the Volkshochschule Hof-Stadt regarding the three-generations-painting project: children, parents and grandparents are encouraged to paint under expert supervision.

The club comprises more than 40 members who are active in different artistic fields.
An essential part of the exhibition program is the “KunstSaat” (art sowing) at the end of the year during which the artistically active members of the club show their new works.

There are several display cases in the gallery shop that offer a great number of pieces of art, which are suitable to be given as presents. If you want to stay a bit longer you can also visit the large art Context.Scope.Library. Furthermore, the gallery has a media room with DVDs and videos on art topics.

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Galerie im Theresienstein
Theresienstein 1
95028 Hof

<p>Telefon </p>  +49 9281 97 20 54
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Freitag bis Sonntag 15 - 18 Uhr

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