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This includes necessarily a visit to our Wärschtlamo and... but see for yourself!

Flight and expulsion: Hof

The town museum Bavarian Vogtland deals with the topic “refugees and expellees in Hof” as part of a new section in its permanent display. On three levels, more than 400 exhibits of unique historic value are shown. The exhibition exemplarily portrays the refugees’ and expellees’ story of arrival and their integration in West Germany using the example of the Hofer region. It also generally informs understandably about the reasons and the process of flight, expulsion and forced resettlement. This exhibition, which is unique throughout Bavaria and important beyond the boundaries of the region, is characterized by an approach that lets you see different points of view and shows moving mementos.

After that you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake at the Theresienstein, which is one of the most beautiful German parks, or have a delicious lunch in one of Hof’s brewery’s restaurants.

Later we go to Mödlareuth - Americans called it „Little Berlin“ - the village, which was considered a symbol of German Division. Since the founding of the two German states 1949 belonged to the Thuringian part of the place to the territory of the GDR, the Bavarian half to the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1966 the construction of a 700 m long and 3.30 m high concrete wall divided the village up to the opening of the border in 1989. The visitor learns much about the historical background of Germany's division and, above all, about the exceptional circumstances that prevailed in the border area.

Meeting point: Museum Bavarian Vogtland
Time: Any time you want
Duration: About 8 hours
Group price: 25,00 EUR/person; plus interpreter

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