Climbing park Untreusee

Hook into the adventure!

In the climbing center you can go up to 14m (46 ft.) of height –the Flying Fox. And the gold course includes a trip above the Untreusee (but not on the surface of the water).

The climbing park at the Untreusee, directly before the gates of Hof, promises an outdoor experience of first quality. It has a beautiful location directly at the banks of the Untreusee right in the middle of a natural stock of trees and thus offers the perfect opportunity to spend the day doing sports in the great outdoors.

The first ascent already is a highlight! The arrangement of the climbing elements at a height of up to 12 m (39 ft.) allows the climbers to decide themselves which elements they want to walk across and how difficult they want their routes to be.

Two of the eight courses guide you over the lake at an airy height.

As a visitor of the Untreusee you will experience fun and action – without risk, that is. The climbers get instructed and are permanently secured with professional climbing safety belts including carabiner clips. A fall is impossible if safety instructions are followed. Trained staff is always present.

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Am Untreusee
95032 Hof

Tel. +49 171 7355398
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Entry Times

In season:
Monday to Friday  13.00 - 19.00
Holidays/vacation  10.00 - 19.00