Deputy Mayors

Eberhard Siller

born on November 7 1947 in Coburg
1967: “Abitur” certificate at Hof’s Jean-Paul-Gymnasium
study of law at the universities of Munich and Erlangen
ab 1974: judge and state prosecutor in Hof, chief prosecutor
chairman of CSU branch “Hof-Stadt”
1978: member of the Hof town council
1990: chairman of the CSU group in the Hof town council
1996: elected deputy mayor, responsible for social security, youth and schools
2002: re-election in this function
2008: re-election in this function


re-election in this function

Further official posts:

member of the social committee of the Bayerischen Städtetages and Member of the school committee of the Deutscher Städtetag

Mayor Siller is married and has three children. His hobbies are rambling, reading and above all painting.

Florian Strößner

born on January 6 1985 in Hof


O-Levels at the Johann-Georg-August-Wirth secondary school Hof

  member of Youth Parliament Hof
2003-2011: district chairman of the Young Socialists Hof

first State Examination at the State Institute for specialist subject teachers in Bayreuth

  chairman of SPD’s local association in Neuhof-Unterkotzau-Wölbattendorf

second State Examination

  teacher at the secondary school in Miltenberg

elected city councilor of Hof

  teacher at the secondary school in Rehau
  vice chairman of the SPD Hof

vice chairman of the SPD faction on the Hof City Council


elected mayor, responsible for sports

Further political offices:

member of the sports committee of the Bavarian Association of Cities and the sports working group of the Bavarian Association of Cities 2015

Mayor Strößner is unmarried. In his spare time he likes to go cycling, hiking and skiing and doing gardening.


Stadt Hof 
Bürgermeister Eberhard Siller          
Klosterstr. 1          
95028 Hof 

<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 815 1200
Telefax  +49 (0)9281 815 87 1200

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Stadt Hof 
Bürgermeister Florian Strößner
Klosterstr. 1          
95028 Hof 

<p>Telefon </p>  +49 (0)9281 815 1700
Telefax  +49 (0)9281 815 87 1700

Sprechzeiten im Rathaus:
Mo. 14.00 – 16.00 Uhr
Mi.  15.00 – 17.00 Uhr
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