Canoe tours

The blue riband of the Saale

An exciting tour of the surroundings of Hof can not only be on foot or by bike. You can experience our region by canoe or rowing boat from a totally new perspective! The Saale, originating between Zell and Weisenstadt, is the perfect route for canoeing enthusiasts with its calm but not boring course.

The Saale is navigable – with restrictions – from the town limits of Hof. If you start from the weir at the HofBad, you need 2 hours to get to Unterkotzau from there on it’s another 2.5 h to get to the Fattigsmühle.

You will find a description of the Saale in the Hof area on the homepage of the outdoor enthusiasts (Naturfreunde Hof).

More information on canoe tours are on the following homepages:


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