Barbecue areas

At sundown at the Untreusee...

... lighting the barbecue after a round of swimming. Enjoying nature with your friends and finishing off the evening.

A part of that would be, besides the terrific play of the clouds, Hofer Bratwürste (sausages) and steaks on your barbecue. Fresh bread, salads and soft drinks or non-alcoholic beer are for everyone. And for those who like it romantic – bring your guitar.


There are 6 barbecue areas around the Untreusee that are available to everyone:

Next to the Basketball court:
barbecue with a folding grid, 2 benches, 1 table

At the western bathing beach:
3 fireplaces without grill

At the western bank on the rear peninsula:
1 fireplace without grill

At the dog beach:
1 fireplace without grill

Rules of use of the barbecue areas

Barbecuing is only allowed in the places mentioned above.

All users have to behave so that no one else is being endangered, harmed or significantly impeded.

No campfires are allowed.

Please take your garbage home with you or dispose of it in one of the numerous garbage cans.

Bottles or packaging made of glass are forbidden in the intensive zone.

Reservation of the barbecue areas is not possible.