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Being welcomed by the Hofer Wärschtlamo

Surprise your guests at the beginning of their stay in Hof with an original experience. The Hofer Wärschtlamo will welcome you in your hotel and he will present himself as well as the history and present of the town of Hof in an amusing way.

Just before dinner is over, the guests will hear his traditional exclamation “Haaß sensa, kold wernsa!” (They are hot but will be cold soon) and the Wärschtlamo will enter the room. He will be surprised that the guests have already eaten and regret his being late. Well... The people of Hof don’t mind being late as we know from the story of the Schlappentag... And just like this he will be in the middle of his special description of the city, humorous and of course, from his point of view.

He will talk about important historic developments and he will give tips for a stay in Hof and the surrounding region.

At the end he will open his brass kettle and every guest will get a hand-signed postcard of the Hofer Wärschtlamo as a souvenir.

Meeting point: Your booked accomodation
Time: After dinner
Duration: About 30 minutes
Group price: 40,00 EUR (max. 30 persons), for each additional person there will be a fee of 1,00 EUR; plus interpreter

The Hofer Wärschtlamo will see you now

The Hofer Wärschtlamo is unique in Germany. The profession of Wärschtlamo has a long tradition in our town – well, only we have him here.

We can’t imagine life without him in our town. He sells “Wärscht” (different kinds of sausages), made in Hof, in the streets. Those Wärscht are popular among gourmets just like the beer made in Hof is. He has “Wienerla”, “Gnagger”, “Bauern” and “Weißa” which you can eat with or without mustard (“Sempft”).

The Hofer Wärschtlamo has become the likeable figurehead of Hof and stands for the town’s hospitality and warmth towards all visitors.

He serves his delicacies fresh out of his kettle.

Meeting point: Place of choice in the surroundings of Hof
Time: any time you want
Group price: 40,00 EUR plus 2,00 per person; plus interpreter

Jean Paul Reading (only in German)

You can follow the trail of the romantic poet Jean Paul (1763 – 1825) by attending this reading in the Museum of the Bavarian Vogtland.

In his time, Jean Paul was extremely successful. He is known to be the first German poet who was able to live off his writing and also, in his time, was read more often than Schiller and Goethe. In his works, he often writes about places where he worked and integrates joyful and painful experiences. He mainly describes his childhood hometown in “Das Leben des vergnügten Schulmeisterlein Maria Wutz”, “Siebenkäs”, “Flegeljahre” and “Selberlebensbeschreibung”. (Only in German)

Tour guide Elisabeth Walther juxtaposes passages from his works with descriptions of the years he lived in Hof and by that creates an atmosphere that fascinates fans as well as Jean Paul novices: This helps you form an opinion about the eponym of the new Jean Paul trail and learn a bit more about the person behind the name.

Meeting point: Your booked accommodation or Museum Bayerisches Vogtland
Time: Any time you want
Duration: About 1 1/2 hours
Group price: 50,00 EUR; plus interpreter

Half-day Tours: On a journey through time along the former Iron Curtain

Alfred Eiber, a contemporary witness of the former border police in Hof, will take you on a journey through Germany’s recent history. The tour starts in Hof via Mödlareuth along the former German-German border to Hirschberg and goes on via Blankenberg to Lichtenberg.

During this 3-hour drive, Alfred Eiber tells it all: happy and tragic flight attempts, the hunt for spies, the construction of safety installations as well as the spectacular fall of the Berlin Wall. He talks about divided villages, the frontier, guards, again about the Wall and the electric fence that was installed on top of it, about the dogs, border guards and fatal shots. During the drive there will be a variety of photos of the former border in the corresponding towns on the monitors in the bus so that the participants of the tour will feel like they went back in time.

Those will be a couple of exciting hours full of history that will take you to impressive places.

Nevertheless, Alfred Eiber will also show you the human side: with a grin on his face he will tell you about the annual April fool’s jokes and how he met his best friend the People’s Police Officer Günter Kießling.

Meeting point: Place of choice in the surroundings of Hof
Time: any time you want
Duration: 3 hours
Group price: 80,00 €; plus interpreter
Technical requirement: a bus equipped with a DVD player, remote control and monitors – as the tour comes with a photo presentation, we will send you a test CD after booking of the tour. This way you can test if playback in your bus is possible.

Day Tour: Jean Paul and love in Bohemia

Upper Franconia’s most popular poet Jean Paul liked to travel a lot. However, he only visited nearby Bohemia twice. The reason, of course, was a woman: In Franzensbad, Jean Paul and Emilie von Berlepsch had a love story full of happiness as well as tragedy. This entertaining tour includes trips to Asch, Seeberg Castle, Franzensbad and Haslau. While in the bus, there will be a historic photo presentation and Jean Paul’s and his sweetheart’s affair will be resurrect in a play reading. On a romantic walk through Franzensbad, a town guide will tell you about other famous people that lost their hearts in this health resort. In addition, you can take part in a tasting of different wafers and liqueurs.

Meeting point: Place of choice/your accommodation 
Time: Any time you want
Duration: About 8 hours
Group price: 200,00 including the tasting; plus interpreter
Technical requirement: A bus equipped with a DVD player, remote control and monitors

Half/Whole day tour: Time travel into the Ascher Land

So near and yet so far: the direct neighboring region in the Czech Republic has to offer not only wonderful scenery but also a rich past. In your “time travel” curious and forgotten things will come alive again. The bus tour will lead you through the entertaining past of Asch, Roßbach, Neuberg and Niederreuth. Also, you will be able to watch historic film clips in the bus; at various places, sightseeing is scheduled. For more than 500 years, Germans lived in the today Bohemian neighboring region. Through all epochs, stubbornness and love of freedom left their marks on those persons’ characters. Thus this tiny piece of the world, the Ascher Land, became the scene of historic revolution and events that are believed to be unique in all of Central Europe. The “time travel” is about potato pioneers, rebellious counts, Goethe’s vilification and a free state that existed as such for only eleven days.

Meeting point: Place of choice/your accommodation 
Time: Any time you want
Duration: Possible as half day or whole day tour with emphasis on content as agreed
Group price: 160,00 EUR including lunch and bus; plus interpreter
Technical requirement: a bus equipped with a DVD player, remote control and monitors

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