The best fishing areas!

If river or lake – around Hof anglers find ideal fishing areas and fishing outfitters that leave nothing to be desired.

The fishing association “Obere Saale” in Hof maintains ca 40 km (25 miles) of the Saxon Saale near Hof as property or leased body of water. This part of the Saale is organized so that there are four parts that can to be fished all year long.

One part runs all the way through the city to the western town limit. The banks are generally easily reachable due to the high water prevention on occasion of the Landesgartenschau in 1994. It is not a problem to find a good spot here even for anglers who are not good walkers anymore.

Nice scenic routes, different types of water bodies and a huge fish stock characterize the Obere Saale.

The Untreusee, which lies in the south of the town with a size of 60 hectares, houses a variety of fish especially big carps (30 pounds and bigger), pikes (have already been caught with a size of up to 1.40 m (4.6 ft.)), pike perches (from 70 cm/2.3 ft. on), tenches, rainbow trouts, salmon trouts, whitefishes, curts and roaches.

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Fishing association Obere Saale e.V.

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